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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tips

Low-grade graphics, elevator-music soundtracks and high-stake battles: all the components to a classic 90’s video game. These games mostly revolved around reducing an opponent’s health bar to zero. In 1999, game developer Masahiro Sakurai introduced a new concept into the fighting genre.

Now, after more than 18 years, Sakurai has created one of the largest and most anticipated installments of the series for the Nintendo Switch: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This game takes many aspects of the previous game and compiles those into what may become the best entry in the series yet.   

In order to fully prepare oneself for the game, which releases Dec. 7, here are a few tips for playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

1. Don’t be afraid to try out new characters. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features an incredible cast of 74 characters, with even more set to appear as DLC. While you may prefer a particular character from a previous entry in the series, considering that Ultimate will have the biggest roster in Smash history, it might not hurt to try new characters. 

2. Enjoy playing on every stage. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features an incredible 103 stages (more if you include the omega and battlefield forms), and almost every stage is different in some way. Try your hand at battling on every stage to develop strategies that are appropriate for each one.

3. Buy an Amiibo and make it your amigo. Amiibos are figures that allow you to have your own personal fighting character in the game. You simply scan them into the game using your controller. Amiibos can be trained to learn a particular fighting style and can make for amazing sparring partners when you don’t have a friend to play with.

4. Enjoy the multitude of modes. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features a ton of new modes, including new battle modes such as: squad strike, smash down and a new story mode titled “World of Light.” The game also includes a replacement for trophies, now called spirits, and a new game mode aimed at collecting them while adding a new twist to battles against computers.

5. The most important tip: just have fun! If you’re not having fun playing the biggest Smash installment in the series history, then it might not make sense to play at all. Just have fun with it no matter what.

Whether an escape from finals or a holiday Smash bash, find time to enjoy the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch with friends or family.