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The Conversant Critic: Hurts Donuts

Since its grand opening in March, Hurts Donuts, located in the Blue Dome District, has had Tulsans flocking to the donut shop, making wait times last for hours. Unlike Krispy Kreme or other donuts, Hurts donuts have a very thick texture and seem to focus on flavor and special toppings. This fun specialty donut shop takes classic donuts to another level. Hurts has dozens of flavors ranging from mint, blueberry and cinnamon, garnished with treats like Oreo, powdered sugar and even bacon.

I visited Hurts on a Thursday morning at 6:30 to avoid the long lines and to my delight, there was no wait time.  I was quickly greeted by a friendly staff (delightfully chipper for 6:30 in the morning) and  opted for a half a dozen. I was asked if I wanted to choose my own donuts for $10 or let a Hurts employee choose for $7. I decided to let the Hurts employee choose since I  had no idea what to pick myself. The employee asked if there was any donut I absolutely didn’t want and if I had any allergies before selecting. I ended up with lemon-filled, blueberry, Cookie Monster, cinnamon, mint Oreo and one sprinkled with M&Ms.

There is  a lot packed into one donut, so one was enough to fill me up. The donuts were fresh and warm. I tried the lemon-filled first. This thick donut sprinkled with powdered sugar was a bit dry, but the lemon was well distributed throughout the donut and mixed well with the sugar. My only qualm about this particular donut is it’s a bit messy. The powdered sugar will get everywhere if you’re not careful, so eat this one with napkins and a plate nearby.

My favorite donut out of the batch would be the Cookie Monster. In spite of its festive decoration, it was a simple, regular donut with blue frosting and Oreos. The donut had just the right amount of sweetness and the Oreos added a nice crunch.

Next I tried the blueberry donut. At first glance I thought it was a regular donut crusted with a type of sugar, but I was surprised to bite into the blueberry flavor. It was very similar to a regular blueberry cake donut, and its soft, subtle texture was enjoyable.

Hurts donuts is a great place to try for a unique and tasty treat. Hurts is open 24 hours but the best times to go avoid long lines are 3a.m.-8a.m. Monday through Thursday. If you’re up for a early morning run, grab a dozen and share the sweetness with friends.