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The Conversant Critic: Thai Village

Last summer, I tried Thai food for the first time back in my hometown of Dallas. I loved it and was glad to expand my food choices. It only made sense I would choose one of Tulsa’s very own Thai restaurants to review.
Within walking distance from campus, Thai Village, located on 81st, didn’t exactly blow me away, but I left full and satisfied. The restaurant had a warm, cozy and homey feel to it. The atmosphere was quiet and allowed for a relaxing dinner. When we first arrived, we were greeted by one of the waiters who told us to sit wherever we liked.
As an appetizer, we ordered the crab cheese. I was a little skeptical to get this since there was no description on the menu but it was surprisingly tasty. Crab cheese is like a fried cheese wonton. It’s fried in a flaky crust with melted cheese in the middle.
For the main course, I ordered the chicken Pad Thai. Pad Thai is rice noodles tossed with chicken, bean sprouts, green onions, onions, ground peanuts, egg and sprinkled with cilantro. I wasn’t blown away by the meal selection, but I enjoyed it. The thin noodles were hot and fresh. The peanuts add flavor and gave a small crunch to the noodles. My friends ordered the sweet and sour chicken and sesame chicken. These two plates were very similar. Both were tossed in a sweet red sauce along with veggies like broccoli. The sweet and sour chicken had chunks of pineapple to complement the dish. Both dishes were tasty, however I was surprised at how quickly the flavor vanished. When I took a bite of the sweet and sour chicken, I mentally approved the flavor but before I could even finish my bite of chicken, most of the flavor had disappeared, and I was just simply eating plain chicken. Same for the Sesame chicken.
In addition to the food, I especially enjoyed the friendly servers. They constantly checked on us to ensure we had everything we needed. The crab cheese appetizer was waived, and before we left, we were given free Thai Ice Tea. The tea was cold and had a sweet milky taste.
Thai Village is reasonably priced: most meals range about $10-13. ORU students receive a 10 percent discount and can use Eagle Bucks. Overall, Thai Village left an memorable impression, and I do plan to return for more Pad Thai and crab cheese.