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The Conversant Critic’s top 10 food choices

It’s the end of the semester and for about five months, you put in a lot of all nighters and hard work.  On your much needed summer break, check out some of Tulsa’s popular food joints. I’ve done quite a few food reviews over the last couple of semesters and I hope you tried some of these restaurants. If you haven’t, here are 10 of the best food choices from the restaurants I reviewed.

1. The almost traditional nachos: An appetizer from Cosmo Café, these nachos were my absolute favorite.  Topped with lime salsa, queso, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese, and chives these nachos are a special treat.

2. The Theta Burger: Made with double meat, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, mayo, pickles and onion rings, the Theta burger is Brownie’s Burgers signature item.

3. Miranda Sandwich: Another item from Cosmo Café, the Miranda Sandwich is not a traditional sandwich. I was surprised at the way it’s made but then I was quickly satisfied with its scrumptious taste. This sandwich is made with bagel herbs and butter and topped with cream cheese, melted cheddar and fresh tomatoes.

4. Galbi: You haven’t had ribs until you’ve tried Galbi. These Korean ribs literally fall of the bone and melt in your mouth. Honestly they’re the best I’ve ever tasted. Head over to Seoul Bistro to get your hands on a plate of mouth watering Galbi.

5. Chicken Pad Thai: Thai Village is in walking distance from ORU and serves some pretty decent Thai food. Chicken Pad Thai is the best on the menu. It’s normally served hot and fresh. Order the crab cheese as an appetizer to enhance your experience.

6. Hershey Cobbler: Another selection from Cosmo Café, this dessert blew me away the first time I ate it.  A thick brownie served gooey and warm, topped with a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream, the Hershey Cobbler is sure to touch your soul with its chocolaty goodness.

7. The Original: Who doesn’t love chocolate? And melted chocolate at that. At The Melting Pot, order this chocolate dip blended with melted milk chocolate and crunchy peanut butter.  You can even share with a friend.

8. Weber’s Superior Root Beer: If you thought A&W was the best, you might change your mind after trying Weber’s root beer. Weber’s Superior Root Beer specializes in root beer so you know you can get a good grade of one of America’s favorite drinks. And you can get mini mugs too!

9. Bowl-n-Spoon’s Maple Bacon: Let’s be honest: bacon is life. Bowl-n-Spoon takes bacon to another level. The bacon is cooked to perfection and is sprinkled with brown sugar and served with a side of maple syrup.

10. The Bubble Tea: If you’ve ever had Boba tea, check out Victoria’s Tea Room to find a tasty, similar version. Bubble tea is a chilled drink with small tapioca pudding balls that pop in your mouth placed at the bottom of the glass. It’s topped with whip cream. Choose from many flavors, like strawberry and peach.