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The laundry thieves of EMR

Has your laundry gone missing? Do your clothes magically disappear?

If you live in EMR, this might have happened to you, and it may not be the fault of the dryer eating your sock. Several students residing in EMR have reported their laundry disappearing or gone missing in the process of getting their laundry done.

Currently, no culprits have been identified but EMR residents are asking that something be done.

Some have suggested adding cameras in the laundry room to monitor and potentially catch whoever is responsible for these thefts.

Taylor Smithson, the hall director of EMR, said it is illegal to place security cameras in any part of the dorms, including the laundry room.

However, Smithson did provide suggestions to prevent thefts such as monitoring your clothing by staying in the laundry room. He also suggests keeping a timer and retrieving your laundry as soon as it is done.

Some other precautionary measures include: getting a unique laundry basket and doing laundry when the laundry room is not busy.

It should be noted that any student charged with a felony such as theft will be immediately suspended, and conviction of a felony is an automatic suspension. It is also a violation of the honor code, which all students are required to sign.

Living in dorms can have many benefits, such as the short walk to class and the opportunity of living right next to friends, but incidents such as these brings about the negatives for on-campus living.

Photo by Camden Swan