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Three ways to ‘outreach’ wherever you are

By Gabriel Jaggernauth and Staci McCoy, Photo by Jonathan Rodriguez

ORU Missions & Outreach offers ways to easily join local volunteer opportunities and give back to the community, but what happens after the school year and later, after graduation? How can students and graduates serve without the magic sign-up sheet and GroupMe reminders?

Without practical ways to get involved in various outreaches outside of ORU, it can be difficult to know where to start, and contributing to an outreach brings an immense joy that should continue far beyond a college career.

Start by checking out your church’s outreach opportunities. Churches often connect with various local outreaches and ministries, creating a wealth of community in and outside the church walls. Don’t dismiss the idea of checking out all your church may have to offer because it just might hold your perfect niche.

Being a twenty-something-year-old, do what comes natural and hop on Google. It might seem too easy, but isn’t that what every millennial wants? Simply search “Tulsa outreaches,” or whatever city you find yourself in, and skim the selection of organizations and Facebook pages for ways to get involved. Communicate with ministries and outreaches you find for details and opportunities.

If nothing quite peaks your interest, take a look at community service—you still have an opportunity to do good. Try volunteering in a soup kitchen or hospital; these hold opportunities to share the goodness of God while helping people in their day-to-day lives.

If all else fails, look for ways to give back in your daily life. Keep care packages in your car to give to people in need. Look for ways to bless those less fortunate.

Outreaches bless communities with the heart of God, sharing it with those who might have withdrawn from faith and related things. Believers possess the gifts of joy, love and kindness, and these are things that impact others; outreach is the perfect chance to be the hands and feet of Christ, something that doesn’t change after graduation.