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Tips for food, transportation and summer jobs for students staying on campus

Photo by David Ropotusin

As students anticipate the upcoming summertime, some are packing up just to unpack in another room right back on campus. The summer season is much longer in America than in other countries, with three month break. Unfortunately not all international students are able to make it home for the summers.

Spending the entire summer on campus might sound lonely and uneventful, so here are some ways to stay occupied all throughout the warm season.

If you feel the need to catch up or get ahead on your degree plan, summer school is a great way to spend some of your summer. It knocks off some classes that could make the academic year cumbersome. With summer school, the possibility of graduating early (or on time for some students) arises, lightening your course load and sometimes student loans.

For those interested in making some money during their summer stay on campus, ORU also offers jobs under the Summer 360 program. Jobs are posted on Handshake, beginning May 6 and ending Aug. 10. Students can work 30 hours per week and receive payment bi-weekly. The cost of housing is covered for students completing the 360 hours. This is a perfect summer program for making some extra money because it is literally in your backyard.

Unfortunately, the only on-campus food service available during the summer is the The Deli in the Graduate Center, which will still close at 2:30 p.m. daily and remain closed on the weekends. Sodexo may not cater to you summer-stayers, but several surrounding restaurants accept Eagle Bucks, eliminating the tax from purchases. 

There are also many food delivery service options (DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub, etc.) if your budget allows it. For those who love to cook, find a grocery store in Tulsa that caters to your culture and get to slicing and dicing in the dorm kitchens.

For those without a car, transportation services like Uber and Lyft can get you everywhere in Tulsa. The newest addition to Tulsa transportation, Lime and Bird scooters, could be a last-minute option. Whatever you do, don’t let a lack of transportation keep you from enjoying the summer.

Take advantage of time spent off campus by going to the movies, the park or a bowling alley—get creative and get outside, or at least off campus. Find stuff that makes you happy and satisfies the newfound free time rather than spending the whole day working or sleeping.

Keep an eye out for what campus services have planned throughout the summer because they might be few, but they’ll be worthwhile. Don’t spend the summer locked up on campus—summertime is the period for energizing yourself after a long school year. Do what you can to make sure you start the next school year well rested, not burnt out.