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Trusting God with every brushstroke

Jeremy Conn has had a variety of experiences and has allowed God to direct him in his new endeavors.
Jeremy Conn has had a variety of experiences and has allowed God to direct him in his new endeavors.

God is the great Painter of life, painting for each person a masterpiece of purpose, and He doesn’t make mistakes. Jeremy Conn is one such masterpiece, standing confidently in his calling and the interesting brush strokes God continues to make with his life.

Conn currently works as a painter for Oral Roberts University and is the president and CEO of C & C Roofing Repair. Conn has worked many different jobs as well. He used to fight in the MMA, climb towers, clean tables at the Fort Sill base, work at a power plant as a pump mechanic and has also pastored several churches.

He identifies as a Messianic Spirit-filled Christian who gave his life to the Lord at the age of 21. He heard a message of grace and mercy for the first time, and spent two hours repenting and accepting Jesus. After his conversion, he decided to attend Bible school. When he was filled with the Holy Spirit, God challenged Conn to a higher standard in how he was living his life, specifically, to stop lying to those around him.

Conn believes that scars and flaws are important parts of each person’s story, using the example of Jesus showing Thomas his scars as a testimony of what he went through.

“When I asked why they had to know the bad stuff, [God] said, ‘Why do they have to know the good stuff?’” Conn explained.

He works an average of 75-80 hours a week and trains for a half-marathon on the weekends. He gets up at five and comes home at eight, making more money with his roofing company than he does working for ORU. However, it’s not about the money for Conn.

He chooses to also work at ORU because of his pastor’s heart. “The Lord hasn’t let me leave,” he said.

“Jeremy has a caring heart for other people,” Gary Hendershot, Conn’s boss, said.

Working long hours, Conn has learned how to successfully juggle a full time job at ORU, running his own company, and just recently getting married.
“The balance is keeping the word of God in me and staying focused,” Conn said. “When you get lost yourself, and you lose your faith and trust in God, you lose everything.”

Conn owned his own roofing company at one point, but he became self-involved and lost sight of God. Once Conn was able to set his eyes on God again, God started rebuilding his life.

“On my drive to work, God told me to put in my two weeks notice [at his previous job], and today was my one chance to do it, so I gave my two weeks notice on faith,” Conn said. He then came to Tulsa and began working at ORU. God blessed him for his faithfulness in doing what was asked of him.
“If God has called you, He is going to equip you,” Conn said. “Be quiet; be still.”

Conn explained that God likes to talk to us, but often we are too busy to listen. Still, God finds a way to get through to us.
“Don’t let others’ opinions form your character; stand and do not waver,” Conn said.

Conn’s story is a testament to stark contrast of hardship and reward. It was easy for Conn to take up the paintbrush himself and go his own way, but God is the master artist who can fully see the masterpiece He has created in Jeremy Conn.