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Opa! The Tulsa Greek Festival kicks off its annual celebration

Photo courtesy of the Tulsa Greek Festival

Breaking plates, acting loud and obnoxious and yelling “Opa!” are often the stereotypes that come to mind when people think of Greeks. 

I explored Tulsa’s own Greek culture for myself on Sunday, Sept. 22. Tulsa holds a close-knit Greek Orthodox community that has organized a Greek festival for the past 59 years. The festival is held for one weekend at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church downtown, a traditional church with Byzantine architecture and design.

The festival was small but offered delicious homemade Greek cuisine, shopping and entertainment. Attendees could watch dancers perform traditional Greek dances, shop for cultural items inside the church, or eat traditional delicacies like honey puffs, pita bread with tzatziki sauce and spanakopitas—fluffy pastries with cooked spinach.

The annual Tulsa Greek Festival is an intimate and fun way for a Tulsan to experience Greek culture.