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Tulsa’s newest coffee and tea shop

The Tulsa community welcomed DecoDrinks to its coffee scene on Jan. 9 when it opened its doors to the public. Approximately five miles from the ORU campus, DecoDrinks features a wide variety of drinks including bubble tea, lattes, kombucha and nitro coffee on tap. 

Alex Coffey, owner and tea sommelier, brings influences from all over the globe into DecoDrinks while embracing the “coffee shop charm” that Tulsa loves. Locally roasted coffees and international teas line the shelves at the front of the shop.  

After experiencing the heavy tea culture during a study abroad in China, an idea ignited in Coffey to bring the tea knowledge and tradition back to the states with him. He wasn’t satisfied with the limited drink menus of standard coffee shops, and thus took it upon himself to change the game. 

“I like to bring global things together here,” said Coffey. 

The shop’s inventory embraces Japanese sencha tea, Thai tea, matcha and horchata, showcasing the diversity Coffey was so intent on executing.

DecoDrinks offers dairy-alternative milks like oat milk, almond milk, soy milk and occasionally hemp milk. Unlike most coffee shops, DecoDrinks does not charge extra for replacing whole milk with one of these dairy-free options when ordering a drink. 

A “millennial favorite” also graces the menu—avocado toast. Coffey takes this popular treat to the next level, serving the avocado toast with feta or goat cheese, tomato and seasonings to spice it up. To add some extra protein, order the “avocado & lox” toast, which comes with salmon, or top off the original avocado toast with a poached egg for an extra dollar. 

For the health nuts, DecoDrinks serves turmeric, beet and wheatgrass lattes. These drinks are coffee and tea-free and can also be made with non-dairy milks.

The DecoDrinks interior is a modern and minimalist coffee shop, with flat simplistic surfaces and outlets sported at every table along the wall-length booth. Coffey attained some inspiration for the design and menu from well-known coastal coffee shops, observing their Instagram activity and incorporating what appeals to him. 

Coffey often experiments with drinks and recipes in his free time, perfecting the concoctions before his guests can have a taste. As the year goes on, visitors can expect to try new menu items from DecoDrinks.

Photos by Madeline Ewing

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