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What to do while Tulsa sleeps

Depending on what someone is looking for, there are many places to hang out in Tulsa. The only problem is that every place seems to close around 5 p.m.— What about late at night? What about when it’s 9 p.m. and all the best coffee shops are closed? Here are a few places seasoned ORU students like to hang out late at night.

918 Coffee | Photo by Rachel Leittzel

Jessalyn Ulrich, sophomore writing major, shared some of her favorite places in Tulsa when everywhere else has shut down and Whataburger just won’t cut it.

“I love going to Kilkenny’s,” said Ulrich. It’s “where you can sit and chill or have a late dinner. I also enjoy going to Coffee House on Cherry Street— or CHOCS. It’s open until 10:30 p.m. Y’all can catch me there on week nights doing homework.”

Kilkenny’s and Coffee House on Cherry Street both have an authentic night-time atmosphere. Evidently, many students prefer going there later at night as opposed to the day. Kilkenny’s is solely for good dining, while CHOCS is scattered with indoor and outdoor tables to study at and couches for laid-back nights.

Another caffeine hub, Gypsy Coffee House, has a glumly lit atmosphere throughout the day, but a poppin’ ambience at night. ORU students and others alike, fill the shop to share tea, play games or work on things where they won’t be disturbed. They also have bands perform and often prop the doors open in the evening.

Saralyn Olson, sophomore social justice major, suggested two of her favorite 50’s themed diners: Dilly Diner and Tally’s Good Food Café.

“I like going to the diners at night,” explained Olson. “It’s a different atmosphere than a coffee shop, and I always bring people if I want to just have fun and relax.”

Hurts Donut | Photo by Rachel Leittzel

Additionally, Hurts Donuts in Downtown Tulsa is the spot to get delicious donuts while also not spending too much money. Although, it’s always packed with socialites, so it wouldn’t be the best place to study. Hurts offers a variety of whimsical donuts 24/7 for those who have a sweet tooth past midnight.

Movie theaters are also open later than most places in the city. AMC theaters offer five-dollar Tuesdays. On the weekends, Admiral Twin Drive-In shows movies throughout the evening. However, late night movies may not be ideal when someone is stacked with homework— if homework is a must then consider CHOCS or Gypsy.

Tulsa is full of hidden gems, if only one looks hard enough. For students that get late-night cravings or thrive as night owls, a quality spot that is open past midnight becomes a necessity,  so finding one will prove worth the hunt.