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What to expect when Disney and Netflix split

Disney will have its own streaming service and has announced it will no longer partner with Netflix.
Disney will have its own streaming service and has announced it will no longer partner with Netflix.

All Netflix lovers running out of shows to watch, the age-old problem is about to end. Just in time for Fall Break, Netflix has released its upcoming shows for October. So anyone finishing up a series, it’s about time to start another one or finally start a long awaited next season.

On Oct. 6, the first season of a new Italian political drama series called “Suburra” will be released. For Adam Sandler fans, stay tuned for Oct. 13, as he stars in the premiere of a Netflix original movie, “The Meyerowitz Stories.” This new drama/comedy film will co-star Ben Stiller, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman.

A new crime series called “Mindhunter” will be coming to Netflix on Oct. 13 as well. The new series has been said to resemble the CBS show “Criminal Minds” but with a darker feel.

New discoveries in the story of well-known Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, have been uncovered in never-before-seen footage thanks to the new docuseries that will be released on Netflix Oct. 20. “The Day I Met El Chapo” focuses on a well-known actress from Mexico named Kate Del Castillo, who reveals her experience in interviewing the Mexican drug lord.

For another new movie to add to a growing watch list, “Wheelman” will be coming out the same day. It is a thriller/action movie starring Frank Grillo, who was seen in the movie “Captain America.”

The global sensation everyone’s been waiting for is back for round two. Get ready to free up that schedule on Oct. 27 to watch the thrilling second season of “Stranger Things.”

In other big news regarding Netflix, Disney recently announced that they would no longer continue their distribution agreement with Netflix. This may be heartbreaking for all diehard Disney fans because no one wants to pay for another streaming service. But this change may not be as bad as it sounds; luckily, there is still time to prepare for this major adjustment. The split will not happen until 2019, meaning everything Disney currently on Netflix or scheduled to be added will still be available to watch until then.

Another upside regarding this change is the Marvel shows that are available on Netflix will not be affected. According to the Forbes website, “This is extremely good news for Netflix, as the Marvel series have been a considerable success story for the streaming service.”

Although this is a drastic change for Netflix, there are still positive aspects about it and enough time to prepare by soaking up the Disney shows on Netflix until 2019.