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Worshipping while brushing teeth

In “Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices for Everyday Life,” author and Anglican Priest Tish Harrison Warren candidly walks her readers through the often mundane moments of a typical day in her life and finds the sacred blessings and forms of worship hidden in plain sight.

The book is a simply, yet beautifully-written commentary on finding purpose and sanctification in daily life, in something as simple as eating toast and brushing our teeth.

Each chapter follows the structure of Warren’s day, chapter one beginning with plainly waking, chapter two with tediously making the bed, chapter three with brushing away morning breath and so on, into the final chapter on sleeping again. Her process is simple, pure and ordinary. And yet, Warren’s mind and spiritual journey provide her with incredible insights into the true proximity of the spiritual world, often closer than the plaque on our teeth and more real than the leftovers in the fridge.

Liturgy refers to the form of public worship and can be synonymous with ritual or ceremony. However, in Warren’s book, she finds ordinary tasks like losing her keys or checking her email to be forms or reminders of worship.

She reminds readers of God’s interest and demand of our whole lives, not just the neatly packaged or perfectly rounded versions of ourselves we bring to Him in prayer and worship. According to Warren, God is just as present with us when we are sitting in traffic, screaming at other cars, as He is when we are on our knees in reverence.

This book is barely 150 pages and very easy to read, as Warren uses both humor and profound insight, often together, to present her case that there really is no line between the sacred and the secular.

For anyone seeking to live a more purpose-filled life, even in the mundane and monotonous, this book is a perfect read. It also contains discussion questions for each chapter in the back, making this book a great choice for a book club or discipleship group.

“Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices for Everyday Life” can be found on, Barnes & Noble or as an ebook on Google Play Books and iBooks.