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A serious step towards global mission

ORU took one more step toward globalization last Friday afternoon with the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new international center. Students, faculty and staff celebrated the official launch of the new facility designed to support ORU’s pursuit of a modern, global platform.

“This is one of the hard visions that came with the globalization task force this past summer,” said President William M. Wilson. “We needed to work on the global culture on the Tulsa campus. We are moving from being just a United States university with a global outreach, to being a global university that happens to have its primary campus in the United States. This center will help us in that transition.”

The center is located in the midst of heavy foot traffic in an effort to make international students feel welcomed by the ORU community. The international center is located next to the Claudius lobby and will be passed by thousands of students walking to the cafeteria, Hammer Center and GC. All students are welcome in the facility to create a harmonious community.

“The international center is a connecting point where people can come and meet other international students who they may not have known because we all have different groups of friends,” said ORU student Larissa Nugroho.

The international center aids in the facilitation of study abroad programs and partners with mission teams. It also eases the international students’ transition to Oklahoma, and exposes the rest of the students to different international cultures.

The inauguration of the international center came after 10 years of different proposals to different presidents. Wilson took initiative and searched for the right accommodations to make the center a reality.

“One of the future goals is that every student in ORU will have an international experience,” said Wilson. “This center will be very important to that.We are very proud and excited as this one little step for globalization is to say to the campus we are serious and we are moving forward.”

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