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Biblical prophecy fulfilled?

On Sept. 4, the Temple Institute announced a pure red heifer has been born, stoking the fears of apocalyptic events. The Temple Institue is an Israeli based organization dedicated to completing the third temple in Jerusalem. The red heifer will “reinstate purity to the world and the rebuilding of the Holy Temple,” according to the Temple’s YouTube announcement. 

After “extensive examination by rabbinical experts,” according to the Temple, the cow was determined to be free of imperfections. Previous red heifers have been born, but each of them was determined to have miniscule white hairs. The requirement for Judaic prophecy is an entirely red calf without imperfection, which this cow allegedly fulfills, although, the Temple still thinks the calf could be disqualified due to “natural causes.”

In Judaism, the birth of a red heifer indicates a sign of the coming Jewish messiah. Once the cow has been slaughtered, the rebuilding of the third temple will commence. The site of the third temple is where the famous Dome of the Rock mosque is located and where Solomon’s Temple was likely located.

Christian theologians contend the red heifer is symbolic of the blood of Christ, and the antichrist will desecrate the temple once it is rebuilt.

The calf “will be examined again in three months’ time to determine whether it continues to possess the necessary qualifications for the red heifer, a necessary prerequisite for the renewal of the Divine service in the Holy Temple,” said the Temple Institute.