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Bishop named new Student Body President

Wednesday, March 8, Emily Bishop was announced as the 2017-18 Student Body President.

“We had just come out of worship, and I was at a point where I was like ‘O.K. God, either way this is yours. You are going to be glorified through this or without this,’” said Bishop. “When [President Wilson] said my name, I didn’t know how to control my emotions. My body went numb. I don’t even remember how I got up on stage. I just remember fist pumping at one point.”

The journey to March 8 started a month before when current SA president Shawn Madison approached Bishop about applying for the presidential campaign. Bishop had previously worked on the campaign staff of Madison a year earlier, but had yet to think of seeking out the position for herself.

“You really need to think about running.” Madison said to her over the phone in February.

Bishop had a small amount of time to consider the course of her next year in deciding to pursue a new role on campus.

“I called some of my best friends, and my mom and a lot of them were like you need to go and figure out what the Lord has to say about this.”  Said Bishop recounting how she entered the race. “I had applied for other leadership roles and been rejected from every single one. I have seen them grow me and stretch me into who He wants me to be. Maybe this was the plan all along, and its just now piecing together.”

“Better Together,” the two words that bring to life the campaign strategy of Bishop who is a 21-year-old native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and public relations and media major here at ORU.

“The over lining theme is community, my ultimate goal is to have everyone have a college experience and not just a college education where they come in and out and gain only a degree.” said Bishop.

Deciding on her position in running after participating inside of Madison’s campaign the year previous, Bishop seeks to complete her mission of community in a five-bullet platform. Highlighting campus unity, communication, commuters, school spirit, and safety.

Bishop, and her team of 45 students here on campus met together and discussed the needs of each group represented on campus while creating future plans.

“One of the benefits of not being in leadership for the past three years is being able to have a foot in every single door on campus.”  Said Bishop about creating her platform ideas. “You are able to hear complaints, there is always something to be said. I took a lot of that and spiraled it into what tangible needs can be addressed, what can be fixed that we can go out and really do.”

The campaign team brought forth the idea of safety as a mode of community, striking a chord inside of Bishop to push for new initiatives in the universities mindset.

“One thing that stuck out to me was the safety of students and a lot of concerns that they had, for instances we don’t have an active shooter protocol, said Bishop. “That’s so simple to get together, [by] going and talking to the head of security.”

Over all levels of students enrolled at ORU, Bishop’s platform states that ‘unity is necessary for anything to flow well.’ She encourages forums, and events that would broaden the connection of different groups on campus all the way from athletes to commuters.

“I really want to push the forum idea, it is under my communication point. This is a great way to integrate everybody together in a proper manner and fashion,” said Bishop of the first thing she wants to do in office.”

Bishop will be trained under Madison until she takes over as Student Body President in the fall.

“[I have] a hopeful and lets-get-to-it attitude, lets look forward to 2017-2018 and what changes will hopefully come through the student body SA [staff] and student body president,” said Bishop.