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Bishop or Tone: Student Body President

Although campaigning for the President of the United States may be over, another campaign has heated up.  This race is also for a presidential office; however, it will be played out much closer to home for ORU students.  The campaign is for the office of ORU Student Body President.

Emily Bishop and Andrei Tone are this year’s candidates for the position.  They are each extremely invested in the interests of the student body as well as the unity of the ORU Student Body, and regardless of the winner, the students of ORU should be excited and assured that their next president will be entirely fit for the task.  Here is some information about each candidate that will enable you to cast an educated vote:

Twenty-one years old, Bishop is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but has lived in Tulsa for several years now.  She is currently studying public relations and media with plans of entering the corporate world after college.

“The overlining theme is community. My ultimate goal is to have everyone have a college experience and not just a college education where they come in and out and gain only a degree,” said Bishop.

Staying true to her campaign’s slogan of “Better Together,” her platform is one of unity, specifically bridging the gap between students in all groups on campus, such as athletes, commuters and international students.  Bishop says her overall priorities, if elected, would be unity, communication, commuters, safety, school spirit and international students.

Andrei Tone is a twenty-two-year-old from Bucharest, Romania who came to the U.S. in 2014 to gain further education.  He is currently studying ministry and leadership at ORU and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in leadership and politics after finishing his undergrad degree.

Tone’s platform includes standing up for students and insuring that everyone on campus has a voice and a reason to feel welcome as a member of the ORU student body.

“We want to be proud to come to ORU,” Tone said.

He also believes strongly in the concept of financial assistance for students and wants to be heavily involved in making it easier for them to pursue their dreams at Oral Roberts University, referring to Tone’s campaign slogan: “Here for you.”  One project he says he would immediately support is the possible addition of another fast food restaurant on campus.

The campaigning, which started this past Thursday, will continue until Voting Day Tuesday, March 7.  A candidate forum will take place in Zoppelt on March 6 at 7p.m., which is open to all students to come and ask the candidates questions.  The following day, each student will be able to login to Vision and vote for his or her candidate of choice.  On March 8, President Wilson will announce the results during chapel.