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Campus observes Religious Liberty Week

Oral Roberts University hosted Religious Liberty Week March 24-27.

The conferences and lectures held throughout this week were sponsored by the ORU Christian Worldview Committee.

In the seminars, nationally acclaimed speakers discussed basic human liberty and highlighted some of the areas where it is fostered or suppressed throughout the world.

Notable speakers included Tony Perkins, Dr. Timothy Shah, Jacqueline Otto Isaacs, Dr. Daniel Dreisbach, Dr.William Adrian, Dr. Allen Hertzke and Leah Farish.

The sessions began Monday and were led by Jacqueline Otto Isaacs. Otto Isaacs was supported by a panel consisting of ORU alumni: Dr. Ruby Libertus, Dr. Paul Vickery, Jonathan Wiley, Lucas Cherry, Ooceeh Afame, Grant Reynolds, Rick Westcott and Jonathan Hall.

Their presentations, titled “Values and Capitalism Initiative,” demonstrated the need for virtue to influence public policy and preserve religious liberty.
Otto Isaacs encouraged others to adopt a Christian worldview in the world of economics.

She relayed testimonies of individuals who felt more fulfilled by doing some of the most undesirable jobs in the workplace. Otto Isaacs also emphasized the need to create value out of scarcity.

ORU students filled the conference room seats, taking notes and making comments.

“We cannot separate the physical poverty from the moral poverty. Character directly affects individuals’ work ethic, industriousness and choices, therefore having a major impact on society and the economy,” said ORU freshman Peyton Luke.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, and Dr. Timothy Shah, Georgetown University scholar, spoke Wednesday about the importance of religious liberty and encouraged others to exercise their rights.

“Religious freedom is the ability to live your life according to your faith. It’s is a spiritual battle. We’re not facing a physical enemy,” said Perkins.
Perkins said people should live their faith authentically before God.

“Courage breeds courage. When we step out and publicly exercise our faith, identify with Jesus Christ and live consistently, opportunities of ministering where you are, can be utilized. We fall into thinking that we have to do something big or something that will change all of America. If you seize every opportunity that God gives you, you’ll be amazed that as you’re faithful in small opportunities, God gives you greater opportunities,” said Perkins.

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