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Chance for cashless currency

It was a universally accepted idea that the world was going to change dramatically by the year 2000 with flying cars and robot servants. However, most of the change has been smaller and more discreet. In fact, some of the changes are invisible. Changes that, in the future, could replace the need for paper money. Furthermore, these changes invalidate American currency completely.

What was merely a whisper that has now become a loud word is Bitcoin. Bitcoin or Sedcoin is a type of currency that is purely online, completely traceable and almost unscammable. On the Bitcoin site, everyone can see how much money other users have. And because it is online it’s all traceable and taxable.

Shortly after Bitcoin was established in 2009, one Bitcoin was worth a fraction of a dollar. Today, one Bitcoin is worth more than $10,000.

“A few years ago, Mexico, Canada and the U.S. tried to do this with the Amero form of currency like the Euro but it never happened,” said international businessman Calvin Burgess. “Then about a year ago there was a conference with 80 countries, to talk about Bitcoin.”

“From there it was learned that this isn’t a new concept. This idea has already taken form in which is like Bitcoin but solely in Kenya,” said Burgess.

The reason for this could-be-coming currency change is that it is a way to solve the debt problem, before the economy collapses.

“Because of debt and inflation, countries are going to have to take this route,” said Burgess. “This is how everyone will pay taxes, and you can’t hide from the government because there will be no cash. To sign up you have to be legal which will take away the possibility of illegal pay.”

Burgess believes that the only thing left in cash in the future would maybe be a $20 bill, but eventually even that will be obsolete.

He also made sure to differentiate that it will not be like a credit card at all. “Everything [the dollar] is based on will collapse.”

It looks like this could truly be international currency with the exception of China, based on the country’s form of government. Eventually many countries could use their own form of Bitcoin but of course all of this is speculation.