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Chapel introduces new look

Students can expect brighter chapel services because of the installation of a new LED screen.

“The previous screen in Christ Chapel needed to be updated for quite some time, because the chapel is composed, more or less, completely of windows,” Daniel Tsubota, assistant director of ORU Worship Center, said. “There were problems with visibility as things tended to look washed out. Even an extremely powerful (and loud) projector could barely keep up with the sunlight.”

The smaller size was a problem for the audience especially when the speaker utilized visual content.

“Using the old projector, there were many times that videos could hardly be seen because of the sun or sermon presentations with barely visible text due to the size—all even worse if you were way in the back,” Tsubota said.

The new LED screen is larger than the television screen in the Armand-Hammer Student Center, which is often called the largest television in Oklahoma. In addition to the new screen, the chapel creative team also blacked out the stage and opened the curtains, revealing the massive organ.

“Students see the new screen and the changing stage looks, but there is a whole side of things they never see,” Tsubota said. “In order to run the screen and new stage lights, the electrical infrastructure had to be revisited.”

The installation process included efforts of electrician Stan Boyes, director of Audio Services Casey Phariss, Chief Operations Officer Tom Philley, Production Manager Roy Baker and several other departments and individuals.

“We want Christ Chapel to be a 21st century, creative platform that can effectively reach current and prospective students,” Tsubota said. “The screen and lighting do not affect the service, so much as the services we are planning utilize these new tools.”

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