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Connecting commuters to campus

President Wilson moved from the chapel stage to the Holy Spirit Room to host a Commuter Student Forum on campus on Wednesday, Feb. 9.

e president noted he would become a student for two days by living in the dorms, eating in Saga and attending classes.

“If you see me in jeans and a shirt, I didn’t backslide. I’m just a student for a while,” said Wilson.

Topics presented by the commuters included the affinity for spirituality found on campus, professor’s care for God and their students, chapel services and God’s presence on campus.

When asked about the best part of being a commuter, many joked about not having to eat Saga’s food, resulting in laughs from the audience.

ORU’s friendly atmosphere is seen across campus from the faculty down to commuters, but a key issue ex- pressed was the relationship between commuters and the rest of campus.

Many commuters stated they want to get involved but simply do not know how. A few people credited SA for reaching out, but are still not fully aware of the activities on campus.

The GLC parking lot was also mentioned as a safety concern. Commuters park in the lot; therefore, the reckless driving and confusion causes tension.

“We don’t have swipe access so I’m always stalking people to follow them to the dorms so I can go see my friends. If we cannot make that so creepy, that would be great,” stated a student.

Over all, the forum was successful and insightful. Wilson, along with the university’s executive staff, promised to take topics into consideration.