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Crime reporter Lori Fulbright visits communication students

News on 6 evening anchor and crime reporter Lori Fullbright spoke to the students of assistant professor Susan McMurray’s interviewing class Friday morning.

McMurray invites Fullbright to speak to her class each spring, desiring for the students to see how the interviewing process works for a reporter.

“I have interviewed about 6,000 crime victims in my career of every possible crime you can imagine, and of course, I’ve interviewed hundreds of criminals,” Fullbright said. “I’ve interviewed rapists, robbers, burglars, killers, killers on death row and serial killers.”

Fullbright discussed many aspects of interviewing such as what kind of questions should be asked, how to ask certain questions, how to respond in different situations and the importance of getting all sides of every story using anecdotes from her career.

The most important message Fullbright wanted the students to know, however, was the significance and purpose of news interviews.

“The thing I love the most about interviewing people is everybody has a story. You have no idea what their story is until you hear it and I love finding out what that story is,” Fullbright said. “I could interview some of these big bad guys who are tatted up and they save a little girl from a bad guy. When you go into the interview, you need to not have your preconceived notions, but just see what their story is.”

Fullbright has been a reporter for 27 years and recently celebrated her 24th year at News on 6 as a crime reporter.

McMurray said interviewing isn’t a required class, but hopes all communication students have the opportunity to take it and learn from someone who interviews people as a career.

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