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Culture Fest 2017 experiences huge turnout


For one day each school year, the grass between the Claudius and EMR dorms is completely transformed into a magical area of fellowship, new foods and wild performances.

Culture Fest is an annual week long celebration at ORU, capped off by an evening of dances and musical performances as the sun goes down.  The cafeteria closes, and foods inspired by the many nations represented on campus is available to be eaten in the outdoor air. Culture Fest was held on Oct. 26 with students of all backgrounds in attendance.



Simultaneously, booths are set up surround the Claudius dormitory’s diamond shape, creating cultural experiences for students at each individual table. The goal of the event is to remind students how representing so many nations at one campus is a wonderful and rare occurrence. Cultures are to be embraced and enjoyed at the ORU campus as each student grows in the same education experience.

_DSC1246 (1)

European style gyros, Hispanic street tacos, churros, Middle Eastern baklava, along with peach cobbler, Chinese and Asian fusion dishes were all available. As the night ended, the flags of the countries represented in ORU’s student body were carried across the stage as students cheered.


Though each person may come from different places and backgrounds, together everyone can celebrate the beauties of both the university and the countries that form it.