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December grad loses life to edible marijuana

Luke Goodman, a recent ORU graduate, died on Sunday, March 22 from a self-inflicted gunshot after ingesting edible marijuana. His life is being remembered in the same way as his smile: bright, loving and true

“It didn’t matter who you were, he always reached out to you,” cousin and best friend Sam Fowler said.

The Goodman and Fowler boys grew up in Tulsa, just down the street from each other.

Cousins in name but brothers in life, the group of men were knitted by love and years. The sudden loss of Goodman has been a cause for mourning but also reflection and celebration.

“Everyone who has reached out to us has said ‘Luke really impacted me in the last year and I really felt love from him,’” Sam Fowler said.

“Quirky” and fun loving, Goodman was no stranger to adventure. He was snowboarding with family on the mountain slopes of Colorado the week he passed away. Toward the end of the vacation, he consumed a highly concentrated dose of “candy” marijuana. The drugs overwhelmed him and led to his death by a self-inflicted gunshot.

The family hesitates to label his death a suicide.

“He was very happy, on fire for God spiritually more than ever,” said relative Daisha Fowler. “The drugs are what led him to do this.”

Facebook tributes from friends and family paint a picture of a life well lived. Dozens of poems, letters and pictures memorialize a man who brought joy into seemingly every life he touched.

“We all thought there was more to live here on earth but apparently your eternity commenced today,” Sam Fowler wrote on Luke Goodman’s Facebook wall. “I weep for our loss but I rejoice for your freedom, go and dance with our Father.”

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