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Exploring the Issues: Immigration

Presidential candidates use confusing, political jargon when discussing broad topics like immigration. Their speeches do not have to be confusing when they are broken down and explained in normal terms.

“Our southern border, it’s a mess,” said Donald Trump at his Tulsa rally. “What’s coming through is unbelievable. We have tremendous crime. We have tremendous drugs. We are losing our economy. Nobody does anything.”

Trump plans to build a wall on the southern border funded by Mexico because they are making so much money from the United States.

He desires to see American workers put first with regards to an immigration plan. According to CBS news, the middle class is shrinking and Trump believes this is directly from the influx of legal and illegal immigrants.

Ted Cruz, like Trump, wants to make America’s border more secure by building a working wall. He wants to triple the number of border patrol agents, increase vital aerial surveillance and provide additional equipment and technology along the border. Finally, he wants to complete the biometric tracking system at the nation’s ports of entry.

Cruz released an advertisement in January portraying illegal immigrants differently. He brings it into the business world by challenging businessmen to consider what they would do if immigrants were taking their jobs.

“The politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were coming across the Rio Grande,” said Cruz in the ad. “Or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages in the press. Then we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation.”

Unlike the GOP candidates, the Democratic candidates support a pathway to citizenship which is the process of naturalization for illegal immigrants.

Bernie Sanders believes America is a nation of immigrants. According to his campaign website, as president he would instill a fair and humane immigration policy to pave the way to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, ensure border security while respecting local communities, regulate the future flow of immigrants and enhance access to justice for immigrants.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform. We need a path toward citizenship. We need to take people out of the shadows,” said Sanders in the Oct. 13 Democratic Debate.

Hillary Clinton said America needs an immigration reform leading to citizenship. According to her campaign website, as president she would create a path to citizenship, defend President Obama’s executive actions, protect families, conduct immigration enforcement, expand access to affordable health care and promote naturalization.

“The American people support comprehensive immigration reform not just because it’s the right thing to do, and it is, but because it will strengthen families, strengthen our economy and strengthen our country,” said Clinton in a campaign speech.

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