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Faces behind chapel announcements

Ready to start the weekly process, Dominique McCollum and Isaiah Cartledge determine locations and get ready to shoot the announcements.

Both are part-time students of the Multi-Media Institute and full-time workers for University Media Productions (UMP).

“Chapel announcements are one of our duties,” said McCollum. “We create promotions for the university and make feature pieces on departments or students. We are kind of all around the map.”

A few semesters away from graduation, seniors McCollum and Cartledge were offered summer jobs with the Manager of UMP, Roy Baker.

The co-workers surpassed job expectations and were offered full-time jobs as producers, directors and managers for UMP. The opportunity provided experiences as well as financial tuition benefits.

“[The job] was an answer to my prayers,” said McCollum. “I did not know why I was supposed to take the summer job, but whenever Roy [Baker] asked me, the Holy Spirit told me to do this.”

McCollum likes seeing ideas become reality.

“I see [the idea] in my head,” McCollum said. “I like putting it together and going above the average job.”

Cartledge describes himself as a man of many hats. He started his early years in college as a track runner in Brooklyn, New York; he eventually became number six on the East Coast. Despite his success as a runner, he felt he needed to pursue his passion for music and signed a record deal, demanding a move to California and dropping out of college. When his music career became less profitable, he moved back to Virginia and became a pastor for young adults.

“I ran when I was in love with track field. I ran in some of the biggest stages and faced some of the toughest competitors, ” said Cartledge. “I performed at the House of Blues in California. It’s been a phenomenal life so far.”

Cartledge came to ORU eight years after leaving college to study theology. Soon after, Cartledge found his passion and changed majors to the MMI program when one of his teachers mentioned the idea of ministering in Hollywood.

“When he said ‘Hollywood,’ it clicked,” said Cartledge. “I’ve always had a thing for movies. I’ve always had this desire to create.”

Despite their different personalities and backgrounds, McCollum and Cartledge share the same passion for production. McCollum has her own freelance company and plans to expand it in the future. She also works for her church’s media department.

As for Cartledge, he is currently filming short inspirational YouTube videos based on his experiences, but his ultimate desire is Hollywood.

“Hollywood is not that big of a deal. I know the God of Hollywood,” said Cartledge. “There is nothing we cannot do. Our God is infinite in intelligence. We are only one thought away from success.”

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