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Fighting ISIS takes stage at fall crisis simulation

Over 70 students came together to solve the problem of ISIS at the Fall 2014 Global Crisis Simulation (GCS). Every semester ORU holds GCS for students to learn how to solve worldwide crises.

Students were divided into nine countries and eight media agencies. Twitter and email was used to communicate between different agencies and countries throughout the day.

Kyle Hansen, senior international relations major, attended the first GCS and took the roll of facilitating it this fall.

“I like the fact that students have to begin thinking strategically as well as study and learn about the real world conflict and various dynamics in those conflicts,” Hansen said. “It also helps students begin to try to formulate what are some possible solutions and different policy responses that their country could choose to aid in those situations.”

Northeastern State University (NSU) also had students that joined the event. Three ORU alumni came back to help run the simulation. The goal for the future is to have more Oklahoma universities join and take part of a state wide crisis simulation.

Professor and adviser of International Relations and Global Studies, Dr. Ruby Libertus, is the key person for GCS. She attended the first simulation before working at ORU and now helps the sustainability and continuation of the event.

“We encourage students of various majors to join us because each field plays a role in dealing with a crisis,” Libertus said. “Outside of work in future they will be dealing with a crisis on other levels and in their personal life as well, whether it’s natural or manmade.”

The next GCS will be held in April 2015. All students from every major are encouraged to participate.


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