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Flashback friday: Movies then and now

ORU’s Student Association showed “Remember the Titans” on the lawn this past Tuesday. Thirty years ago this same week, the administration was making changes to SA’s movie policy.

Tracy Reed wrote the following in an Oracle article in 1984—
“ORU is a Christian institution, and we should be showing movies that project what the University is about,” said Dean of Student Affairs, Jack Wallace.
“The reason for this change is to focus student’s eyes back on the original purpose of the university: To train students to hear God’s word. This is being accomplished by going back to showing ‘G-rated’ and ‘Christian’ movies only.”

Currently, SA movie decisions are directed by what the university permits.

“A lot of the movie choices are based off the discretion of administration,” said SA’s Chief Programs Director Zachary Swalley.
SA goes through Director of Student Leadership Aaron Brown to get approval for a movie.

“SA begins the movie selection policy by submitting suggestions to myself,” said Brown. “If I believe the content of the movie is appropriate and beneficial for our student body, I then confer with the VP for Student Life, Dr. Daniel Guajardo, for his final approval.”

Brown says content, not ratings, determines what is shown on campus.

“This can seem subjective, but it allows an appropriate parameter for SA to show movies ranging from ‘Monster’s Inc.’ to the ‘Hunger Games’ to the ‘Passion of the Christ.’ These movies range from G to PG-13 to R,” said Brown. “Having stringent parameters limits the ability to discuss content and benefit to the student body.”

“Remember the Titans” is a ‘PG’ film. Thirty years ago, the showing of this movie would most likely be prohibited by the ORU administration. Of course, the football film wasn’t even produced until 2000.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, a “G”’ film indicates that it is approved for the general audience, and nothing within should offend parents if their child views it. “PG” films suggest parental guidance, because some material in the movie may not be suitable for children. MPAA established the rating system in 1968.

The ‘PG-13’ rating was added to the system in 1984. MPAA added the rating due to the popular opinion that some ‘PG’ films were becoming too violent. This was the same year the ORU administration made the movie policy changes to SA.

Showing “Remember the Titans” paid homage to ORU’s former mascot, the ‘Titans.’


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