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Former Disney ambassador visits ORU

Former Senior Executive of Walt Disney Company Jody Carbeiner Dreyer visited ORU’s math and business departments on Tuesday, Sept. 11. She shared insight she acquired during the past 30 years working at Walt Disney Company from success in business to wisdom for life.

Dreyer graduated from Disney University and went right into the world working as a Disney World parade dancer. Through the years, she worked her way up the magical ladder from a Disney World tour guide, to advertising representative, to Walt Disney global ambassador and to vice president of Walt Disney Synergy and Special Events.

Before the pixie dust settled, Dreyer cut to the chase and told the truth about working for the world of Disney.

“Spoiler alert: the magic behind the magic isn’t really magic at all,” said Dreyer.

Dreyer stressed the necessity of hard work and importance of caring for people in order to succeed in business. She explained how the advancement of technology today emphasizes an “Amazon effect” in which the desire for getting things fast unnecessarily neglects the need to care for others.

“The winning combination of over-the-top service and down-home hospitality” defines Dreyer’s coined term of “servitality.”

“How are we doing everything that we’re doing with love?” she proposed.

Dreyer centered in on the importance of attention to detail, in which Walt Disney productions are meticulously adept. She encouraged to stay true to the heart of your business without overcomplication.

“What people love about Disney is the first experience they had with Mickey Mouse. We need to go back to the basics,” said Dreyer. “People lose their way when they’ve lost their why.”

The third lesson Dreyer shared is to get curious. Speaking from her personal life, she claims that you don’t have to be creative to be inquisitive.

“If you have questions about something, dig in and go for it,” Dreyer advised. “[Curiosity] will often lead you to solutions and ideas and take you further.”

She then suggested that no magic can happen without culturing a demand for quality.

“There aren’t any shortcuts. It’s about consistency, yesterday, today and tomorrow.” said Dreyer.

Lastly, Dreyer encouraged to simply have fun. She’s from Disney, after all.

“Sometimes we carry our life around like it’s a burden instead of a gift,” said Dreyer. “What I learned at Disney is that there are things to celebrate.”

Jody Carbeiner Dreyer’s book “Beyond the Castle: A Guide to Discovering Your Happily Ever After” is available online at, Barnes and Noble bookstore and