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From competition to career

Oral Roberts University’s annual Launch competition has helped many students learn what it truly means to be an entrepreneur and take the next steps toward their shining futures. Students submitted their business proposals Sept 9.

Each team, consisting of two to five students, receives the opportunity to be mentored, develop a well thought out business plan and pitch their idea to a board of investors. Some successful students end up selling their businesses while others take the opportunity as a next step in their career path.

Nathan Musgrove, a junior environmental science major, entered the competition last year. Musgrove has wanted a ranch since he was a kid, so he and a few other friends developed an idea for a cattle ranch that was sustainable for the environment.

The group ended up leaving the Launch competition. They were going to buy a ranch in Colorado, but Musgrove felt like they did not know enough at the time to make sure the animals were taken care of properly. Between this and some disagreements on how to run the business, the group decided to leave the Launch competition.

“It’s really important to seek the Lord in everything you do. One mistake I made was rushing into it and our partnership as a team didn’t last very long,” Musgrove added when considering why his team dropped out.

Although the business did not play out at the time, Musgrove has the perfect opportunity to live and work at a ranch while he is in school. The Launch competition led to his connection at his job now where he is learning unique practices. Any time a calf is born, they pray over the calf’s life, and when they send the cow to slaughter, they pray over the cow and the family that it will go to. They treat the cattle with respect and try their best to ensure their suffering is at a minimum.

“It was all beneficial,” stated Musgrove. “I learned what I truly wanted from a business side, like what my purpose is for wanting to run a business. It’s to bless people and to take care of the planet.”

Musgrove says through this opportunity he grew a lot and learned how to communicate and voice his opinions. His mentor taught him and his team how to be visionaries and plan for five, 10, even 15 years down the line and think out of the box. 

Musgrove enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to enter again this year, and after spending enough time working at his friend’s ranch, Musgrove hopes to buy and run his own when he graduates.

“If you have even the smallest desire to one day own a business, even 50 years down the road, I would recommend participating in the Launch competition,” Musgrove said.