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Global Crisis Simulation 2020

On March 7, students from ORU met together with other universities and high schools within Oklahoma for the annual Global Crisis Simulation. The goal for this crisis simulation is for the students to overcome various crises together, work through diplomacy and gain valuable experience. 


Students were split into 10 different countries: the United States, Russia, China, Ukraine, South Korea, Iran, France, the United Kingdom, Syria and Israel. Roles within the executive branch of each government were assigned to the students ahead of time.


Additionally, there was a press competition, in which students represented various outlets such as BBC News, Fox News, CNN and AP News. The news was distributed via Twitter, every representing country running its own personal Twitter account.


The simulation, which took place in ORU’s Nursing and Engineering complex, started off with the bombing of Hlukhiv, Ukraine, during the Geneva Convention. Students were escorted out of the auditorium past a visualization of the bomb scene put on by ORU nursing students.


Bodies scattered on the ground and survivors screamed in agony. Countries were directed to their respective rooms and were told to deal with the crisis at hand. Many countries tweeted their condolences and support.


France is deeply concerned with the recent attack and sends condolences to those involved. We are open to working with other countries in order to get down to the bottom of this,” tweeted France ORUGCS.


Many countries sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine. China and the United States, for instance, sent $8 million in humanitarian aid. A Russian operative was found responsible for this bombing, according to the ORU command center, which coordinated the events of the day.


The command center planned many more crises for the various countries to deal with throughout the day. Some events included Coronavirus cases in the United States, South Korea and China, the assassination of Syria’s president Bashar-al Asaad, the bombing of the channel tunnel between the United Kingdom and France, a typhoon that hit China’s coast.


Students came to the crisis simulation with the goal of solving the global crisis but seemingly ended up creating more problems than they were dealt. 


By the end of the day, Ukraine, Russia, China, South Korea, the United States, Syria and Israel were all engaged in new wars with one other. Ukraine bombed Russia and also declared war on China. Israel and the United States engaged in the takeover of Syria’s government and South Korea sent 20,000 troops to aid in their efforts. China invaded South Korea and nuked major cities within both Russia and the United States.


“The USA thanks all countries who participated in GCS 2020. Till next year. MAGA,” the USA tweeted to wrap up the day.


View a tweet-by-tweet rundown at the Command Center ORUGCS.


Photo by James Adamski
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