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GOP front-runner to visit Mabee Center

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is set to come to the Mabee Center, Wednesday, Jan. 20 between two stops in Iowa. This is Trump’s second stop in Oklahoma following his rally at the Oklahoma State Fair in Oklahoma City on Sept. 25, 2015. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz also made stops in Tulsa in October and December, respectively. Trump’s visit comes one month before the Oklahoma primary on March 1. Its purpose is to rally those who already support him and encourage them to vote on March 1.

“Like other Republicans in the field, his campaign feels he can pick up Oklahoma delegates to the National Convention,” said Sonny Branham, assistant professor of government. “Oklahoma has a type of primary where delegates are mostly apportioned in percentage of the vote received here.”

The National Convention nominates the person who gains the most delegates from all the primary elections across the nation. Candidates must receive 1,144 delegates to claim the nomination.

According to Branham, Trump may not win in Oklahoma, but if he receives 30 percent of the votes in the primary election, he will receive about the same proportion of the 43 Oklahoma delegates to the National Convention. He has shocked the nation with his policies on immigration, border control and the Islamic religion since announcing his candidacy in the spring of 2015.

Trump is known for speaking his mind on issues, but his lead in the early primary states hasn’t declined.

“He is bold and frank about how he feels about his policy position,” said Branham. “He has articulated during the last several presidential election cycles his very deep concern about the direction that elected leaders have been taking the country.” Trump continues to lead the polls and has since mid-July. Cruz has recently surged in the Iowa polls trailing by only .2 percent.

“A candidate supported by evangelicals or value voters will win in Iowa and South Carolina, but not New Hampshire,” said Branham.

Trump has a 19 percent lead over Rubio in the New Hampshire polls.

“In New Hampshire and then the next primary in Nevada, the candidate who wins will likely be a fiscal conservative who looks at how candidate’s policies will affect taxes, the size and reach of the government and the national debt,” said Branham.

The event at the Mabee Center is free to the public, but tickets must be reserved on the event website. Doors open at 10 a.m., and the event will start at noon. For more information or to reserve tickets visit

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