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Greene steps down as business dean, leaves ORU

Dr. Steve Greene, former dean of the College of Business and dean of Distance Learning, announced his departure from ORU to accept the role of chief operating officer for Community Care College and its branch campuses, Clary Sage College and Oklahoma Technical College.

The notice of Greene’s resignation was made to the university community by email on Sept. 9. His last day at ORU was Sept. 13.

“This was not an easy decision,” Greene said while he broke the news of his departure to his Personal Selling class last Thursday. “This is something that I have been fighting God over for a while, and now is just the time.”

In a Monday address to business students and faculty, President Billy Wilson discussed the changes in the College of Business.

“Dr. Greene brought to us his experience in the business world,” Wilson said.

Wilson also fielded questions from students about the dean’s departure.

“Dr. Greene did not try to stay  until the end of the semester, but opted to make this his last week,” Wilson said.

Some students responded positively after the meeting.

“I felt like Dr. Wilson did an effective job as our leader to communicate the situation under the present circumstances and [human resources] restrictions,” said senior Andrew Choflet.

Choflet is a business minor and in the Business Fast Track program which allows  undergraduate students to complete 12 graduate credit hours.

“In the meeting, [Dr. Wilson] also provided insight to the way the College  of Business will move forward with globalization,” Choflet said.

Other students said the mixed messages from administration have prompted more questions than answers.

“That’s what’s frustrating — there are so many stories out there,” said senior Michael Cole. “I’m not entirely sure of the details of the quick exit, but I do know for sure that he did want to stay, teach and lead Enactus.”

Cole is president of ORU’s Enactus chapter.

Enactus is an entrepreneurial student organization that helps set up sustainable businesses for people around the world. Greene has served as its adviser since he came to ORU four years ago.

Alexandra McDonald, vice president of Enactus, said she had the opportunity to develop a close relationship with Greene.

“Dr. Greene is more than a professor to me,” McDonald said. “I met him last year in Internet Marketing and since that time he has been my friend and mentor.”

Prior to coming to ORU, Greene held a number of business positions, including serving as president of Greene Consulting and chief operating officer of Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe.

He retired from this role in January 2009 and joined ORU that summer.

During his tenure as dean, the College of Business saw changes that included a remodeled lobby, multiple faculty hires, new technology in the classroom and the construction of the $500,000 ONEOK Shark Tank.

“I think on a personal and business level, he’ll be sorely missed,” Cole said. “Whether it was faculty or students, he had such a great impact in the lives of people here.”

Greene called his years serving ORU a “season of immense joy.”

“I have not worked a day at ORU,” Greene said. “I have loved every minute of it.”

Cole said students are trying to remain professional about the changes.

“I came here to get an education,  and that’s what I’m going to focus on,” Cole said.

As the university begins the search for a new dean in the College of Business, Dr. Marshal Wright will lead the College. Wright currently serves as chair and tenured faculty in the Graduate School of Business.

He holds degrees from ORU (BS 1983, MBA 1988) and Regent University (JD 1987, Ph.D.) His area of expertise is strategic leadership and development in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

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