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Hammocking on the ORU campus

Update: After this article was published, on Oct. 19 ORU President Dr. William Wilson tweeted about the installation of new hammocking poles on campus.  The poles are located on the north side of EMR. When a concern was raised that the poles wouldn’t be able to support hammocks without clips, the president responded that he had “no idea” but they “will fix it if necessary.”

by Grant Holcomb and Lauren Brewington 

Hammocking has become a popular modern pastime, especially among ORU students. But there’s one problem— hammocking isn’t allowed on campus. Yet. Students have been reaching for their ENOs, itching to hang them between ORU trees, but due to lack of designated hammocking spots and posts, they’re going to have to hang on.

Since last year, approval of this leisure activity on campus has been in the works. Former Student Body President Emily Bishop and current Student Body President Titus Schmitt have been working alongside administration and ORU President Dr. William M. Wilson regarding this issue.

“It is a good way for the student body to have personal time with God while getting away from noisy or busy parts of campus,” said junior Global Ministry and the Marketplace major Davis Dewar, who even started an online petition to speak out on behalf of those who wish to hammock on campus.

More than 300 students have signed the petition—highlighting the demand among ORU students.

Schmitt has seen the petition but contends hammocking was already on the administration’s radar.

“Administration was very open to it right off the bat,” Schmitt said. “They didn’t need

GC, LRC and chapel should be reserved for more serious academic and spiritual inquiries,” Dewar said. “Therefore, communicate to the student body that hammocking is allowed in its designated area that isn’t easily seen by visitors to ORU, and whoever hammocks in restricted areas will be told to leave as security to see proof to see that students were behind it, but I had it ready to go.”

Dewar is thankful for Schmitt’s work and hopes he can help make a change.

“The student association is working with facilities to order the hammocking poles and get them installed,” said Stephanie Hill, Director of University Relations. “We don’t have a timeline yet but everyone is working hard to get this done.”

Schmitt says two areas on campus were being considered for the hammocking location.

“I agree that areas like the prayer gardens, wants to prioritize courtesy while making his voice heard.

“Besides hammocking, any change needs to be respectful to authority,” he said. “We live in an age where cynicism is so cool, but the best way to show respect and honor is to show it and be the example.”

So hang in there, ORU students, there is possibility between the poles. Administration is working on it.