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Housing changes affect students’ dorm selections

On Feb. 26, the housing department announced its changes for next semester.

After eight years of being closed, the second floor of EMR will open for only incoming freshman.

The changes will also apply to the second floor of Claudius impact Towers.

Floors nine through 12 of Michael will close to consolidate the male student-body to the floors below.

How will this affect the student-body?

Beginning Monday, March 24, student housing opened up the online housing selection for students to retain their current room space.

The new changes will force students to redirect their living arrangements according to housing eligibilities.

From April 9-12, displaced students will have the opportunity to select their rooms.

Freshman Mary Foley currently lives on the second floor of Claudius. She must move because of the changes.

“It’s hard to choose where to room. I think all of us aren’t quite sure where to go yet. I’m just thankful we’re able to get the first pick because we’ve been displaced,” Foley said.

Joshua Martin, a freshman Michael resident, views the changes as an inconvenience. However, he plans on staying in Michael anyway.

“Even though it is more expensive now, I like the dorm sizes, and I do not want to move to a smaller and more uncomfortable dorm in EMR,” Martin said.
Foley believes the inclusion of all freshman floors will enhance the experience of first-year students.

“I’m surprised it hasn’t been done sooner. It’s a great idea,” Foley said. “I think it’s going to help girls who are going through similar transitions. I liked that the majority of the girls on my floor were freshmen because we knew what each other was going through.”

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