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Introducing your new student body president and VP

All hail the newly appointed student body president and vice president, Mackenzie Buhr and Jordan Rollinson.


During the middle of spring break, President Wilson announced that classes would cease to meet and would transition those classes online. In the midst of the difficult transition for students, candidates Charmaine Mukurazhizha and Madi Berry, and Mackenzie Buhr and Jordan Rollinson worked hard at their all-online campaigns, overcoming these unexpected obstacles. 


Unlike past student body president elections, where President Wilson announced the winners on stage during chapel, a mass email was sent out on April 8 congratulating Buhr and Rollinson for winning the election.


Buhr and Rollinson ran the slogan of “Leaving a Legacy” with the hope of improving the culture, spirit and campus life at ORU. Though the coronavirus made it difficult to campaign physically, Buhr and Rollinson were able to campaign virtually through Instagram, the ORU Student Life App and their campaign website. 


“We had posters planned. We were planning days where we would go to Saga to get to know people,” Buhr said, expressing her disappointment of being unable to physically campaign. “Jordan and I had plans to go to the freshmen buildings at Claudius and EMR, to go during hall meetings and get to know [the freshmen] and introduce ourselves.”


Though discouraged, Buhr expressed that Rollinson was adamant about continuing the campaign process.


“I called Jordan, and he was like, ‘Hey, let’s just keep going. No matter what it is, we’re supposed to be in this,’” Buhr explained. “The Lord told us both individually that this is what we’re supposed to do, so this is how we’re going to do it and how we’re going to keep going forward.”


And keep moving forward they did.


Mackenzie Buhr is an upcoming senior nursing student from Rockwall, Texas, who enjoys running and is currently training for a half marathon. Her favorite spots in Tulsa include the Boxyard and Roserock Creamery.


Jordan Rollinson is also an oncoming senior majoring in political science. Jordan, who is from Fort Worth, Texas, loves fitness and claims that he could work out all day. His favorite spots in Tulsa are the Dilly Diner and 108 Contemporary.


Interestingly enough, both of their personality types are the Enneagram 3 Wing 2—which may be the reason why they work so well together.


As to how they met and came to be partners in this campaign, Buhr and Rollinson have both been heavily involved with ORU’s hustle and bustle. Buhr has been an RA for the past two years and has been involved in ORU Missions and Outreach. She has been a student ambassador for three years, which led her to meet Rollinson during a university tour she led before he enrolled. Rollinson also became a student ambassador and is involved with ORU’s Missions and Outreach, prayer movement and the ORU College Republicans.


Though Rollinson had thoughts of becoming the next student body president himself, he didn’t feel peace about being president.


“So I was praying and praying and was like, ‘Lord, what about vice then if you’re telling me not to run for president? What’s wrong with possibly being the vice?’ And [God said], ‘No, be vice president,’” Rollinson laughed. “I [asked], ‘To whom? That doesn’t make sense. I’m going to run for vice president but go find somebody who wants to be president? That doesn’t make sense.’”


After a couple of days of waiting and his potential partner as president falling through, Buhr texted Rollinson and asked if he would be interested in running for vice president. It was deemed perfect timing.


“It’s crazy to think about how it all worked out,” Buhr said. “If I had asked him any sooner, he admitted would have said no.”


Buhr and Rollinson have plans of incorporating an ORU Instagram where they feature students, hosting monthly testimony nights where students may preach and tell their testimonies, introducing mobile IDs and more.


“We are people that want to accomplish things,” Rollinson said. “And so I know for a fact that we will get everything on that list done. That’s not a question. Like once we commit to something, we are literally committed to it.”


“We’re so expectant for this year,” Buhr stated.


“I’m super excited and I believe that this is going to be the best year yet,” Rollinson said.