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Is Tulsa the most dangerous city in this or ‘any parallel universe’?

Students’ social media pages were recently flooded with new reports ranking Tulsa as the most dangerous city in the United States.   

Blog site published the ranking. Levels of city safety were based on population, number of police officers in the city, vehicular fatalities, property crime, registered sex offenders and the number of people listed with health care coverage.

Such statistics could possibly be deceiving when regarding how dangerous a city may be. Director of ORU Campus Security Gerald Isaacs, who also has worked for the Tulsa Police Department, said he was aware of the rankings and agreed that the criteria was unusual.

“Why the number of people who had health insurance was a criteria, I have no clue, and they don’t either,” Isaacs said.

The most popular way to determine the most dangerous cities is usually by considering a city’s violent crime rates. Forbes has accounted for rape, murder and aggravated assaults in the past when doing its rankings, unlike the blog site’s approach. Had violent crime rates been weighed heavily, Tulsa would rank lower on the list.

“Many of the homicides in Tulsa are related to gang or drug-type violence or domestic violence,” Isaacs added. “If you are not involved in criminal activity yourself or domestic violence at home, the chances are you are never going to be a victim.”

Tulsa has seen a decrease in crime within the past year. Police want to assure residents they are continually striving to keep the city safe, despite recent reports.

Tulsa Police Officer Jill Roberson says the city’s statistics are encouraging.

“Right now, our crime rates are down about 15 percent to the previous year. We have about a 90 percent solve-rate on our homicide cases, so nothing is being left behind,” Roberson said.

Tulsa residents and ORU students can be encouraged violent crimes rates are dropping, but Roberson said citizens should always look to be wise and take heed of their surroundings.

“We always encourage the citizens of Tulsa to be more aware,” she said. “Being aware and educating yourself about your surroundings is always going to help you.”


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