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Legendary EMR floor experiences changes this semester

For many “youngblood” means nothing and for others it’s a legendary community.

Youngblood, a wing on the fifth floor of EMR has gone through several changes in the last few years. However, the transition into this fall semester has been a little more noticeable.

This year most of the “YB legends” moved either off campus or onto a floor in Michael.

“We decided to move off for multiple reasons: over the immaturity that came with living on the floor, in EMR in general, we wanted to be more comfortable for their senior year; the guys we were closest to were no longer going to be on the floor,” Zoey Miranda, ORU senior and former Youngblood resident, said.

Youngblood is known for a tight knit community and jockey persona. They are often the topic of campus gossip and create steep competition in intramural games.

Even though most of Youngblood residents moved, some stayed, like Rick Fenimore.

“I thought about all the guys that took me under their wing and introduced the ways and traditions of YB to me. I knew I had a job to do and I wanted all four years at ORU on that special floor,” Fenimore said.

Another YB resident, Ryan Trujillo said even through change, Youngblood will continue to carry on its legendary reputation.

“We have six returning guys on the floor this year and that means a lot of new faces and personalities. I’m stoked this year and for the shenanigans to come,” Trujillo said.


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