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Legendary journalist speaks to Tulsa

Dan Rather, long time American journalist and news anchor, spoke to Tulsa on Friday about his humble beginnings and the future of America.

The packed out Chapman Music Hall spoke to the former CBS news anchor’s fame.

Dan Rather spoke of his growing up in Central Texas where he took many “odd jobs” to get through college. One of these jobs was at a radio station which paid 40 cents an hour.

“It was basically an outhouse with an antenna,” Rather said.

He gave the audience insight to the conversations held between him and his wife and explained he is the most humble television personality solely because she keeps him grounded.

Rather then went on to talk about the uprising of China as an economic and military superpower.

“It is important for us to understand that just because China becomes a super power does not mean its bad for us. It does not mean they are our enemy,” Rather said.

He described China as a friendly power and then proceeded to tell the audience that he is optimistic about America’s future with China.

Rather’s optimism about China led to his optimism about the United States.

“While I have never seen a more dysfunctional Washington in my lifetime, I do not subscribe to the view that the best days are behind us. I think the best days are ahead for this nation,” he said.

The Town Hall guest speaker has 24 years of experience as CBS’s news anchor and much more in the field. His experiences include interviewing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., touring orphan homes with Mother Teresa, and reporting on Kennedy’s assassination.

But, instead of commenting on his journalistic accomplishments, Rather chose to encourage his audience.

“Never back down. Your country needs you to shape the American Ideal, so do not waver.”

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