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Looking forward to another 50 years

Touting globalization as his main initiative in his first year at ORU, President William M. Wilson has announced a new five-year adaptive plan to elevate ORU at home and abroad.

“Growth is not about numbers or economic vitality,” Wilson said. “Yes, those things are important, but it’s about more people being able to experience the ORU education. We want as many people to be able to experience the whole person education as possible.”

The five-year adaptive plan includes expanding access to whole person education around the world, creating a global culture at the university and improving the students’ quality of education. The university will move toward adapting quickly to changing times, serving the global Spirit-empowered movement, economic sustainability and teaching the healing power of Jesus.

The plan supports the overarching end-goal to become the premier Spirit-empowered university worldwide. Wilson, now in his third year with the university, recently signed a fiveyear contract to continue his tenure. He admits the students are what keep him coming back.

“I want the sense of family to be on this campus,” Wilson said. “I love being around young people. It keeps me young.”

The Kentucky native has moved the university further toward globalization in the past two and a half years with technology, renovations and international partnerships. In the next five years, Wilson plans to take the university’s presence from 86 to 100 nations and ultimately expand its reach around the world.

Under Wilson’s administration, enrollment has continued to increase for seven consecutive years as more people come for the whole person experience.

The university announced eight major goals as a part of the new five-year adaptive plan, and put action to those goals immediately.

The Global Learning Center is presently under construction to allow greater virtualization in online learning. New track and tennis facilities are slated to break ground Saturday at 4:45 p.m., and a new apartment-style dormitory is in the planning stages.

Ultimately, it is Wilson’s goal to have a viable, sustainable presence on every inhabited continent in the world by 2025.

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