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Luke elected fifth woman SA president

Peyton Luke, the first woman Student Association president in a decade and fifth woman in ORU history, was elected last Friday into office and will begin her term this fall.

Luke came to this university with an interest in student government and has been working over the last several semesters to acquire all the skills and experience needed to both effectively run a campaign and serve as president. However, it was not always easy for Luke to learn about the processes involved with being a member of Student Association.

“I was ultimately a student outside SA, just like everyone else,” said Luke. “I did not always feel informed on activities or policies and sometimes wondered what SA was accomplishing behind closed doors.”

Luke decided she could address this issue effectively, and she felt she had the skills necessary to bring more transparency and access to SA.

“People [should] be updated with timely information concerning events that impact and affect their lives,” she said.

Luke’s platform for next year includes creating a “transparent, accessible and active SA.” Luke hopes for SA to update students as new ideas unfold and not keep everything quiet and behind closed doors.

“SA’s foundation is to represent students, so it must incessantly seek to listen and address their concerns, as well as use their ideas. Through this course of action, SA will make immense progress in both student life and communication to administration, thus creating an atmosphere that attracts and serves a global student body,” Luke said.

Luke has big plans to move student government in a positive and more transparent light, while diligently preparing to follow through.

“We have already started on a new website that will provide numerous features,” said Luke.

Luke learned about her election with the rest of the student body while in Chapel.

“I felt a mixture of emotions: relief the campaign was over,” said Luke. “[I was] awed and humbled that I had been chosen and pure excitement to fulfill my passion of serving the student body. I could not stop beaming with joy and a ridiculous smile.”

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