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Meet your candidates for ORU Student Body President 2019

By Faith Wilson and Jennifer Lupinacci

On Monday, campaigning for ORU’s Student Body President began. Posters of Abby Nusbaum and Aleah LaForce popped up around campus featuring their platform points and running mates

Abby Nusbaum and Karina Salcedo

Nusbaum announced her candidacy bid for Student Body President in an Instagram post last week. Her running mate, sophomore political science major Karina Salcedo, is up for Vice President as they run under the slogan “together, to the uttermost.”

Their campaign will focus on “student, spiritual and social.” Nusbaum, a junior international community development major, transferred from a community college in Texas. During the last two years, she has led two outreaches, gone on a healing team to Zimbabwe and is currently the Editor-in-Chief for the Communique.

“I love people, and my heart is for people,” said Nusbaum. “One thing I’ve noticed [during my time at ORU] is how much I love being able to relate to people in different pockets of ORU.”

Nusbaum says her visions for ORU are to bridge the gap between administration and students and to raise the bar for excellence.

“Encouragement is powerful,” said Nusbaum. “Encouragement is life to people, but there’s a balance between encouragement and speaking truth.”

Her platform is trifold: create excellence within student life, spiritual life and social life at ORU. Some of her ideas for improving the campus include adding sweet tea to Chick-Fil-A’s menu, chapel notes in the student life app, hosting apologetics training events, friendly club competitions, adding a pingpong intramural team and fostering discussions about improvements for campus with various club and organization leaders.

Aleah LaForce and Garrett Maddox

Also in an Instagram post last week, Aleah LaForce announced her intent to run for Student Body President alongside her running mate Garrett Maddox, a sophomore CIT major.

With the slogan “Let’s celebrate!” the two are emphasizing the celebration of diversity, sustainability and life in their campaign.

LaForce, a junior government major, has servedin Student Association since last August. She has also served in missions and outreach, the Resident Advisor program and has been active in her major by attending many conferences and competitions.

Since her first day on campus, she knew she wanted to serve in student government.

“Around September or October, I really started praying and fasting about [campaigning] more seriously. I thought that this was my heart. I desire to just be authentic and serve the students,” said LaForce.

She hopes to highlight mental health during her presidency. LaForce and Maddox prioritized research and how surrounding colleges encourage mental health.

“We want to make [mental health] a comfortable topic to speak about to your friends because once you open the cut, you can see the wound,” said LaForce.

Diversity also represents one of LaForce’s goals. Each month, she hopes to highlight four different countries’ cultures out of the 108 countries represented at ORU.

A forum with Nusbaum and LaForce will occur this Monday, April 8, in Zoppelt auditorium.

Voting will be live on Vision this Tuesday, April 9.