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Missions to launch new ‘Healing Teams’

The stories are touching. Students profess miracles of healing, the impact of clean water to an impoverished nation or the simple message of hope to a man in a coffee shop. Missions trips are known for-the stories they produce and the lives they change.

“Missions is the nature, character and DNA of ORU students,” said Bobby Parks, director of missions and outreach.

This year, teams will expand to Burma, Greece, Romania, Ireland, Indonesia, Scotland, Los Angeles and New York, bringing the gospel and love of Christ to nearly 50 nations.

No formal missions program existed at the university’s founding. Students initiated the missions department in order to see the vision of ORU carried out. Great men of faith like Terry Law, Myles Monroe and Larry Stockstill were some of the first to pave the way. The school formally introduced the ORU Missions and Outreach Department in 1976.

“Since the founding of the missions department we have put more definition, training and strategy toward the missions statement of the program, which is to be a strategic short-term investment into longterm kingdom work,” said Parks.

ORU missions has invested more than $300,000 into development work in the last eight years and continues to expand its reach because of it.

This past summer, a pilot team spent a month in a small village in northern Brazil solidifying plans for such a team.

“Professor Kevin Schneider and Professor Bruno Teles are leading our ‘Healing Teams,’ which was Chancellor Roberts’ vision,” Parks said. “It’s not just a business team or a medical team, but a multidisciplinary team that aims to offer healing to the totality of humanity’s needs.”


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