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More than 30 killed in Brussels terrorist attack

On the morning of March 22, 2016, an Islamic State group attacked Brussels, Belgium. At least 34 people were killed and more than 180 people were injured.

“I woke up this morning to all these notifications on my phone of friends in Belgium posting they are ‘safe,’” said Evangeline Bonin, an ORU student who was born and raised to missionary parents in Belgium. “I immediately read the news about the attacks at the airport and the metro station.”

There were three explosions: two at the Brussels airport and one at a downtown metro station. The subway explosion did the most damage injuring over 100 people and killing 20.

“I had a minor panic attack because I realized my dad was supposed to fly to Scandinavia for a ministry trip that day,” said Bonin. “I talked to my mom and learned he had left from a different city. That was a grace of God because we use the airport in Brussels all the time.”

Watching the news was difficult for Bonin because she recognized all the places on the news. It was difficult knowing her family and home was hurting while she was half way across the world, but Bonin does believe God can use this situation for good.

“A couple of family friends were at the airport right when the bomb went off,” said Bonin. “They were able to escape the building and help some of those injured. They also offered to pray with people and when one of them asked a woman if she believed in God her response was ‘Well, at the moment… yes, I do now.’”

Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel calls the world to stand together against terrorists in solidarity as Belgium recovers from the attacks.
“I read this on someone’s Facebook wall today and couldn’t agree more,” said Bonin. “‘Islam wants to be heard in the explosions. Christ will be heard in the whispers that follow.’”

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