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Multi-media students visit Wheel of Fortune set

At the beginning of April, ORU’s MMI students took a week-long trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Every year, MMI students are provided the opportunity to experience the National Association for Broadcasters show, as well as meet various TV show writers, producers, editors and directors.

The MMI students, alongside Professor Rafael Barreiro, made appearances on the set of the game shows “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy.”

“My favorite was meeting Amick Byran, the singing voice of Moses in Prince of Egypt, and Andrew Troi in Star Trek,” said Kayla Williams, a first semester senior cinema, television and digital media major.

“Amick was so nice and gave each of us a list detailing ‘how to make it’ in the media. On the list, there were several scriptures encouraging us to find our identity in Christ and not in what we do. I thought that was very powerful in an image-driven culture.”

The group was also given the chance to listen to a panel of department heads who worked on Captain Marvel.

“That meant so much to me!” said Williams. “I loved the movie, and it was neat to hear how they brought different scenes to life through sound and special effects while still trying to make sure they didn’t cover up Brie Larson’s acting.”

The set is located in CBS Television City, Studio 33.