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Dedicated protector passes the torch

Jerry Isaacs is retiring as the current head of the security department after more than a decade of service and sacrifice for Oral Roberts University. Isaacs has been a part of the ORU community for more than 13 years. He says it’s hard to believe he has been here for so long.

Isaacs was a member of the Tulsa Police Department as detective supervisor before he became the head of security. He recalls the shift in the atmosphere when he joined the security department in 2003.

“One of the major tasks that I had was to write an operations manual and to begin creating policy on how we handle emergencies across the board,” said Isaacs.

His responsibility to train new recruits on topics from terrorism protection to day-to day situations was one of the challenges he had to face.

One reason for his retirement is his desire to invest in missions work alongside his wife, who is also retired. 

“The other thing is I don’t know how much further I can take us and it’s time for new energy and new ideas,” Isaacs said.

Isaacs has been a huge asset and blessing according to Chief Operations Officer Tim Philley.

“I don’t know if the students realize this, but our security here would lay down their lives to protect the students, faculty and staff of this university,” said Philley.

Bill Hunt, who has worked in law enforcement since 1986, will be replacing Isaacs as the new Head of Security.

“I love working in a Christian environment with like-minded believers. It’s a ministry. I am a minister of protection, a minister of justice, and I really enjoy that. I have a servant’s heart and that’s my desire, to be a servant,” said Hunt.

Hunt has served with the Secret Service, FBI, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, and the Joint Terrorist Task Force. He also worked for the U.S. Marshalls from 1990-2003. Hunt has been the recipient of two awards for bravery and service, one as a result of a rescue mission involving the Oklahoma City bombing in the Murrah Federal Building.

“One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 8: 28, ‘All things work together for the good of those who love God, and are called according to His purpose,’” said Hunt. “His purpose for me, I figured out after all these years, is a protector. In fact, my name William means protector. So it’s like I’ve been ordained, in a way, into this ministry of protection and service, providing justice and peace on campus. That’s what I want, peace.” 

Hunt is looking forward to continuing the legacy left behind by Isaacs, but he knows it will be a challenge in light of his predecessor because of Isaacs.

Isaacs believes all aspects of life are an opportunity for students to be trained and observed.

“I look at the kids here, and I just get excited about what’s ahead of them and how God’s going to use them in the future. I know, and I have known this all along, that the next Oral Roberts, the next Billy Graham, the next Joel Osteen, the next Billy Joe Daugherty they’re all here, right now,” said Isaacs. “And what are they going to do for the kingdom? It is just going to be astonishing.”

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