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Next Todd White conference hosted in Tulsa

Following the conclusion of Thanksgiving break, surrounding churches will be hosting Lifestyle Christianity, the ministry of Todd White for the 82nd Power and Love conference in Tulsa, at the SpiritBank Event Center.

The event kicks off its first session starting at 6:15p.m. Wednesday Nov. 30, and will continue until the concluding evening session on Saturday Dec. 3.

“The night sessions are always free, for a college student on a budget it is worth getting out to,” said Jonathan Landis, director of marketing for Todd White’s Ministry. “This conference is the most impactful thing I’ve ever attended, it was so impactful to me it led me to find a way to work in Todd’s ministry myself.”

Highlighted speakers at the event include Todd White, Craig Hagin, Andy Byrd and Tom Ruoloto throughout the sessions. Jeremiah Grube will also be present to lead worship at the center.

The purpose of the conference is to aid Christians by increasing confidence in their identity, and to give attendees practical opportunities for outreach and impact. Teaching will present hands-on skills to spread the word more effectively, and will equip guests to further the kingdom in the field they pursue.

“[It’s] four days of training and equipping for hands on evangelism,” said Landis. “Creating patterns of being influencers, and a chance for them to really understand this form of evangelism.”

Registration forms for the conference are available at and the cost to attend all four days is $60 if registered by Nov. 23. Those registered by this date also have the option to pay $160 to attend the full conference this year and next year.

“What I personally love about the conference is that it helps people get over their fear of sharing the gospel and praying for people outside of the four walls of the church. The testimonies are so rewarding and amazing to hear,” said Elena Snell, a previous volunteer at the conference.

This price increases to $80 if registration is finished by Nov. 24. The cost at the door is $20 in order to attend individual sessions during the four days.