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North and South Korea’s playdate

The decades long white flag truce between North and South Korea is rumored to be coming to an end. Munhwa Ilbo, a newspaper in South Korea, reported that officials between both countries are seeking official peace talks.

Next week, South Korean President Moon Jae-In and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un are expected to meet at a summit to discuss a plan of peace. One of the topics of potential discussion between the leaders also returning is the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to its original state, just as a boundary between the two countries. The meeting between Moon and Kim will be held at the border town of Panmunjom.

The talks come after the North Korean dictator met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in early April. The two countries have been allies since the outbreak of the Korean conflict, and China signed the armistice agreement in 1953. The North has been frustrated with the Chinese, due to the their support of international sanctions against the Kim regime. China has also been long supporters of a denuclearized North Korea.

In March, the South Korean chief national security adviser met with Kim in Pyongyang, where Kim expressed his intent of denuclearizing the North and meeting with President Donald Trump.

The meeting with Trump was scheduled by current CIA Director and nominee for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who met with the leader of the rogue nation over Easter weekend. The Washington Post first reported the meeting between Pompeo and Kim. As soon as May, Kim will be meeting with Trump at a location yet to be disclosed.

Earlier in the week President Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, to signal to the Japanese signs of success on the Korean peninsula. The Japanese have long been weary of any peace deal with the North Koreans.

Yet, Abe had high praise for Trump regarding foreign policy.

“Donald,” he said, “you’ve demonstrated your unwavering determination in addressing the challenge of North Korea.”

For the upcoming meeting between the two Korean nations, Trump approves of the effort.

“They do have my blessing to discuss the end of the war,” he said. “People don’t realize that the Korean War has not ended. It’s going on right now. And they are discussing an end to war. Subject to a deal, they have my blessing.”