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Oklahoma rattled awake in 5.6 earthquake

The state of Oklahoma was struck by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake Saturday morning. Students on the campus felt the earthquake shake their beds at 7 a.m.

One student, a freshman biology major, Mackenzie Wallace woke to the moving of her bed.

“Honestly, I’m from Virginia so I never experienced this before” she said. “ I didn’t know y’all had earthquakes here, I thought ‘That was weird.’”

As a science major, Wallace also said it was interesting it to feel the underground plates moving around during the quake.

The Associated Press has reported the tremor’s epicenter was located in Pawnee, Oklahoma and was felt from Texas to North Dakota and Arizona to Illinois. No injuries have been reported.

According the the U.S. Geological Society the quake was one of the largest in state history.

CNN released an article earlier today saying the earthquake damaged at least one historical building in Pawnee, Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission was said to be reviewing all wastewater disposal wells in the area and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation was called to check roads and bridges.

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