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Oracle TOP ‘13 PICKS

The Snowden WikiLeaks – NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s leak of classified information lifted the curtain on large-scale spying efforts of the National Security Agency, both at home and abroad. Snowden’s subsequent flight to Russia and the intelligence community’s heated reaction dominated headlines for months in 2013.

Boston Marathon Bombing – The explosion at the  Boston Marathon on April 15 killed three and injured hundreds others. The man-hunt for two brothers that ensued left a major U.S. city locked down before police located the surviving alleged perpetrator, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

“Frozen” –  Disney’s newest animated musical has already garnered some major critical acclaim and grossed more than $700 million at the box office, a staggering figure. As members of the generation that grew up with animated Disney hits, we rejoice over this icy wonder.

Pope Francis – March 13 marked a new era for the Vatican with the announcement of Jorge Bergoglio as the 266th pope. A native of Argentina, Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope in history and the first non-European pope in 1200 years. He choice of name harkens back to Saint Francis of Assisi, a religious figure famed for his dedication to the poor.

“What Does the Fox Say?” – It’s a question we’ve never asked ourselves before, but in their insanely catchy YouTube hit, the Norwegian comedian duo Ylvis made it dominate public consciousness: What the fox say? Will we ever know?

Ravens triumph – The battle between the Harbaugh brothers was the main storyline of Super Bowl LXXVII. A 34-minute blackout postponed the game and sent announcers scrambling to find something to say. The elder Harbaugh coach ultimately defeated the younger in the ‘Blackout Bowl.’

“Breaking Bad” –  The gravest sin of last semester: spoiling the season finale of AMC’s hit “Breaking Bad.” As the story of one man’s descent into darkness, this series pulled in at least 4 million viewers each episode in Season 5.

Syria –  The world gained a horrifying view of Syria’s deadly civil war on Aug. 21 when videos of women and children attacked by chemical weapons surfaced. More than 100,000 people have died in this Middle Eastern conflict.

Obamacare – The Affordable Care Act launched Oct. 1, but a rocky roll-out left most of the nation hoping President Obama would resolve its glitches in 2014.

Prince George –  We heart Kate Middleton and Prince William. End of story. So when the world learned they were expecting, we could only wait and pray for some leaked photos of mom and prince after the heralded babe’s royal birth. Welcome to Earth, Prince George.

Moore –  Last year brought one of the worst storm seasons in recent memory to Oklahoma, including the EF5 tornado that killed 24 people in Moore. The outpouring of support by Oklahomans far and wide reminded residents why they’re proud to call Moore “home.”

iPhone 5s –  Those of us still using an iPhone 4 sit in envy of our 5s counterparts. How awesome is it to use the Touch ID sensor to unlock your phone? And your insane picture quality? Really, we’d like to know.

Gay Marriage –  Seven additional states legalized gay marriage in 2013, bringing the total nationwide to 17, plus the District of Columbia.

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